The 7 Ultimate Benefits of Upgrading Your Home’s HVAC System

Upgrading the HVAC system in your home can have a significant impact, not just on your home’s air quality, but on your energy usage as well!

Whether you’ve recently purchased a home with an older system or are considering expanding your current one to include a new air conditioning unit before the heat waves of next summer, there are many benefits modern systems provide.

Keep reading to discover how upgrading your HVAC system can benefit your home.

7 Benefits of Upgrading Your HVAC System

Upgrading your home’s HVAC system is an investment, and knowing when to do it is essential to keeping your home in its best condition.

If you’ve been wondering if it’s time to upgrade yours, here are the top seven benefits you can experience with a new system.

1. Saves You Money

Your HVAC system is one of the higher energy-consuming items of your home, and modern systems have been designed to have better energy ratings, ensuring your system can better combat the inflated energy rates we’re experiencing.

2. More Environmentally Friendly

As technology has advanced and we’ve become more aware of how old products have affected our environment, developers have worked to create new ways to combat these issues.

Old HVAC units were designed to use specific types of refrigerant, some of which have since been shown to include harmful ingredients. As newer forms of refrigerant are invented, such as the 410A Puron refrigerant used in newer systems, they have become more environmentally friendly and safer to use!

Pair this with the higher efficiency of newer models and the lower run times, and your new HVAC system will be making a change in more than your energy savings!

Take this a step further by ensuring you vet your HVAC service provider on their process of reclaiming refrigerant and the steps they take to support the environment through their business practices.

3. Better Air Quality

Over time, HVAC units become less efficient, reducing their performance. This can leave you with more stagnant air in your home, mold or dust developing in your system, and poor temperature regulation leaving your house poorly heated or cooled.

Updating your HVAC system can make the air in your home noticeably different with new technology and upgraded filtration and ventilation systems. This means your new HVAC system can better filter out dust and allergens as it circulates the air in your home, ensuring the air you’re breathing is always clean!

4. High Property Value

As the housing market continues to boom, improving the value of your home may be on your mind. A new HVAC system can do exactly that!

When people are searching for a home, the less work they have to put into it after buying, the better! Having a new HVAC system on the listing of your home can draw in more people, driving up interest in your house and making it more valuable to those in the market.

5. Improved Home Comfort

Old HVAC systems can develop small holes, cracks and leaks in the ducts, causing drafts and fluctuating temperatures.

Upgrading your home’s HVAC unit to a modern one can help ensure your system is fully sealed and better able to maintain your desired temperature. The better air quality mentioned above also makes your time spent indoors more enjoyable by reducing the total allergens in your air.

6. Better Safety Ratings

Modern HVAC systems have been designed with safety in mind.

Old systems don’t only lower your air quality. They also have long-term buildup in their system or deteriorating components that can make them a fire hazard.

Upgrading your system will let you enjoy your home with confidence that your home’s heating and cooling system is in its best condition and was installed by the most highly trained HVAC professionals.

7. Longer Lifespan

Advances in technology have made it possible for HVAC systems to have a much greater life expectancy than their previous versions.

Modern systems have been designed to last up to 30 years, nearly doubling the lifespan of older units! Upgrading your HVAC system will save you money for years to come by reducing energy bills and maintaining optimum efficiency much longer than your current system.

Upgrade Your HVAC System with Service 1st Heating & Cooling

If you’re ready to experience these benefits for yourself with a new HVAC system, our team at Service 1st Heating & Cooling can help!

We stock top-of-the-line Bryant products and have outfitted our team with highly skilled installation and service technicians. We’ve been serving the Cambridge, Kitchener and Waterloo region with expert service for 14 years and have made your satisfaction our mission!

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