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Air Conditioning, Furnace & Fireplace Maintenance Plans

You have a sizable investment in your heating and air conditioning system. You can protect that investment by making certain it stays in perfect operating condition, and that requires preventative maintenance. Lack of maintenance is the biggest cause of heating & air conditioning system failure! As a Service 1st Maintenance Customer, you are given priority service and have the added assurance and peace of mind that Service 1st will maintain your equipment to operate at peak efficiency and prolong equipment life. Don’t wait for a breakdown. Give us a call today!

One of our Service 1st Specialists will be happy to discuss the benefits of our maintenance plans. We have a plan to suit everyone’s needs and pocketbook.

Tune-ups and Your Warranty - Every manufacturer in the heating and air conditioning industry recommends annual maintenance. What many homeowners do not realize is that in the fine print of their warranties, they are required to maintain their equipment for the manufacturer's warranty to remain valid.

Central Air Conditioning Maintenance

A flat rate pricing system allows us to provide you with a firm quote for the cost of a cooling/heating system repair following diagnosis.

We will check the thermostat operation, clean and inspect the evaporator coil, clean and inspect the condensate drain lines, clean the condensing unit, clean the blower and fan assembly, inspect all electrical wiring and connections, test the motors, fans, contactors, relays, transformers and controls, check refrigerant pressure and temperature, check voltage and amp draw, check air flow.

Gas Furnace Maintenance

We will check the thermostat operation, inspect electrical wiring and connections, check voltage and amp draw, check fan limit switch, clean gas burner, clean ignition and pilot, check for leaks, test and adjust gas pressure, lubricate motor and moving parts, clean and inspect combustion chamber and/or heat exchanger, inspect flue and test flue gases, test and inspect safety controls. Clean blower compartment, clean and adjust blower, adjust dampers, set proper blower speed and replace standard furnace filter.

Don't forget to change your furnace filter. Standard furnace filters should be checked every month and changed a minimum of every three months. A dirty filter slows down the air flow wasting energy and makes the system work harder. A clean filter will also help prevent dirt and dust from building up in your system....which could lead to expensive repairs and early system failure!

Gas Fireplace Maintenance

We will check and clean pilot assembly , check ignitor, test thermocouple/pile, check and clean burners, check gas pressure, check for gas leaks, check safety switch operation, check vent for blockage, check and clean glass door and gaskets, check gas logs, check operation of remote control, check for elevated Carbon Monoxide reading, replace ember material.

Don't throw your money down the drain – invest in the health of your home comfort equipment today. Maintenance doesn’t cost... it pays!


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