A/C Maintenance: What a Proper HVAC System Inspection Should Entail

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If you are looking for A/C maintenance, you’ll want to ensure that the inspection, maintenance, and any required repairs are done by a reputable and reliable HVAC company. In some cases, homeowners may feel frustrated after an inspection as they don’t know what to expect, or feel like they overpaid for poor service. 

Use the menu below to jump ahead to a particular section detailing what you can expect during a proper air conditioner inspection:

1. What does a proper HVAC system inspection look like? 
2. What can I get with a maintenance plan?
3. Is it time for my A/C to be repaired or replaced? 
4. How often should my A/C be maintained? 
5. Who performs A/C maintenance?

To learn more about all of the topics above, continue reading. Or, if you’re ready to invest in an A/C maintenance plan in Cambridge, contact the HVAC experts at Service 1st. When you give us a call, you’ll be connected right away with one of our staff. You won’t have to worry about call centres or working through complicated automated messaging systems. Instead, you’ll get to talk to our professional staff who can help you as soon as you call!

What Does a Proper HVAC System Inspection Look Like?

If you don’t already have an A/C maintenance plan, you may be wondering what to expect when it comes to the inspection. Inspections are typically done in the spring, summer, and sometimes in the fall. If you live in a cold environment, you likely won’t get an inspection done in the winter because snow can get in the way, and you probably don’t want to turn your A/C on in the middle of winter anyway! 

To start off the inspection, an HVAC technician will arrive at your home. You should expect that that will be working both inside and outside your house, because they will need to look at the actual A/C unit as well as indoor components, such as your thermostat. One of the first things your HVAC technician will do is take a thorough look of your unit as well as your thermostat. This makes sure that everything is running properly, and that your thermostat is providing the correct input to your A/C. 

The technician will also inspect other parts of your HVAC system, like your ductworkDuring your inspection, you can expect that a professionally trained HVAC Technician will be respectful of your family and your home. They will likely be in and around your home for a few hours as a thorough, high-quality inspection will require some time to properly complete. 

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A professional HVAC technician will provide you with any important information after the inspection is complete

Inspections are typically done as part of a regular maintenance plan. Choosing a maintenance plan helps give you peace of mind knowing that your A/C unit is working as it should, and it helps prevent unexpected, costly repairs in the the future. Regular A/C maintenance and inspections help ensure that small problems are caught before they turn into serious ones! 

With Service 1st’s plan, our highly trained and professional HVAC Technicians will:

✓ Clean & Calibrate the Thermostat 
✓ Check The Refrigerant Charge Levels
✓ Inspect all Visible Refrigerant Lines For Leaks 
✓ Inspect & Monitor The Starting Capabilities of the System 
✓ Check Volts & Amp Draw on Compressor and Motor
✓ Monitor The Air Pressure For Proper Cooling
✓ Inspect All Accessible Ductwork For Leaks 
✓ Lubricate All Working Parts 
✓ Check For Any Fire Hazards 

And much more! When you choose to regularly work with a professional HVAC company, your technicians will be able to tell you important information about the lifespan of all the parts and pieces that make your A/C run smoothly. 

They can let you know if a particular part is reaching the end of its lifecycle, so you can consider replacing it now rather than waiting for your unit to die on a hot summer day! Interested in a maintenance plan with Service 1st? Click here to view everything that comes with our A/C Safety Inspection and Maintenance plan.

What Do I Get With My Maintenance Plan?

HVAC technician can help you decide which air conditioner is best

Your maintenance plan can ensure all parts of your HVAC system are working as they should!

When you decide to get a maintenance plan, you should see it is an important investment in the health of your HVAC system. With a maintenance plan, you pay a monthly fee, but homeowners find that they often save a lot of money on costly repairs and emergency services. It’s important that you work with a qualified, professional HVAC company. Maintenance plans are excellent – as long as the HVAC company you work with is excellent! 

If you haven’t found a professional HVAC company to work with in your area and you aren’t quite sure how to find a reputable one, take a look at this article that outlines 5 important things to do and look out for before choosing an HVAC company.

When you work with a professional company, your HVAC technician will be able to tell when something is wrong or is about to go wrong. The average homeowner generally does not know a lot about how their HVAC systems work. They often won’t notice something is wrong until until it is very noticeable, which often results in costly repairs. Working with the pros means that many small issues are caught right away and resolved before they have the chance to become a major issue.

Here are some other reasons why you should invest in a Service 1st Maintenance Plan:

✓ Routine Maintenance Reduces Emergency Calls 
✓ After-Hours Diagnostic Calls are Included in the Plan (No Charge) 
✓ No Overtime Fees On Weekends or Holidays 
✓ Helps Extend The Life of Your Unit
✓ Increased Cooling Efficiency 
✓ 20% Discount On Filter Replacements 

And More! Something else that is important to note is that some warranties require yearly maintenance. If not, you will void your warranty. If you aren’t sure what your warranty requires, make sure you talk to your HVAC company to find out.

Is It Time For My A/C To Be Repaired Or Replaced?

It can be challenging trying to decide if your A/C unit should be repaired or completely replaced if/when a problem occurs. One of the biggest benefits of regular maintenance is that your HVAC technicians can warn you if your unit is reaching the end of its life, or if a seemingly “big” problem turns out to be something minor after all! 

In general, if your air conditioner is under 10 years old, it is typically best to simply repair the unit. High-quality A/C units can last 15-20+ years. However, there are always exceptions, and there are some situations where it might make more sense to buy a new unit. If you find out that you need a very expensive repair and you were considering upgrading your unit within the next few years anyway, it’s sometimes best to just replace it.

The Bryant Preferred Series A/C (left) and the Bryant Evolution 2-stage A/C (right) are great A/C choices

For units 15 years or older, you may want to consider replacing it as some older units are not as energy efficient as the new ones. You might want to consider choosing a high-quality, energy efficient unit to replace it. While replacing your unit will, of course, cost more upfront, choosing an energy-efficient unit can help you save each month on your energy bills, and that can really add up!

If you aren’t sure what to do about your existing air conditioner, reach out to a local HVAC company. They can help you work through all of the pros and cons as well as any other available options to help you make the best decision.

How Often Should My A/C Be Maintained?

In general, “regular” maintenance means yearly maintenance. Typically, you’ll be put on a yearly schedule and have your A/C maintenance completed around the same time each year. For example, if your first inspection was completed in May 2022, your next inspection will be due in May 2023. 

Yearly maintenance is the perfect amount of time to make sure everything is running smoothly. It allows enough time to pass to make the inspection worthwhile, without letting too much time go by and making it so problems might go unnoticed for too long.

Who Performs A/C Maintenance?

When you sign up with an A/C maintenance plan, in most cases, you will be working with a local HVAC company. Many local companies offers maintenance plans. Sometimes, you can sign up for a maintenance plan right as you install your new A/C or furnace. In other cases, like if you move into a new home or if you weren’t sure about investing in a maintenance plan at first, you can call a local HVAC company in your area to see if they provide maintenance plans.

Once you’ve found a company that you trust and have purchased your maintenance plan, the HVAC company will send out a professional, trained HVAC technicians to perform your A/C maintenance. This is usually one or two technicians. If a complicated repair is required, there may be more technicians needed – but that will usually be scheduled to happen at a later date. 

Looking For A/C Maintenance Plans & Inpsections in Cambridge? Trust Service 1st

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